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About friendship

I saw a movie today: DUE DATE, a comedy with Robert Downey Jr.& Zach Galifianakis, but this post it is not about that movie, although it did inspire me to write it. I will like to talk about how Hollywood loves to sell us the idea of how "easy" are friendship and love. In so many movies perfect estrangers get together and after overcoming a couple of difficulties became soul mates either as best friends, lovers or both. Perfect romantic comedies. I say "easy" ironically why?, usually nothing is easy on those movies ( easy and simple don't sell tickets), but yes easy, if after 1 week or so of adventures the characters connect for the rest of their lives.

I'm thinking about my friends. Thinking why and how they became my friends. Yes we have overcome a series or difficulties: long distance, overdoses of alcohol, asshole boyfriend and girlfriend, lack of money for parting, so and so. Isn't because the overcome of difficulties that we are close? If my l…

Natural Connections


Now we are all full of good intentions, wishes and positive energy. That is the magic of new beginnings and the illusion of start over. These new year it is full of new resolutions, things like:
-I will join to the gym but this time I WILL go!,
-I will start to eat less fat trans or sugar,
-I will go for a run even when is Portland cold rain.
-I will save 100 buck per week.
And so and so...It is funny, lots of them are relative to lose those extra pounds for the holidays food....

I like that magic, that illusion, that good energy, but I also like the reality, the true!. And it is because of that love for the true the my new year resolutions are maybe simples and complicate at the same time:
+ I will keep doing all that I can for be happier,
+ I will keep loving my husband in the crazy why I all ready do,
+ I'll lose some of my daily time thinking in what to post on my blog this month... :)
+ An I will find my entrepreneur spirit and make my ideas of business realities.

Happy New year to a…