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Well I also paint or draw too, so it is maybe the time for share some of this work with you people...anyway I'm all ready sharing it with more people at Check it and let me know your opinions.

SI y también pinto o y ha llegado la hora de compartilo con ustedes, aunque la verdad ya lo compartía con mas personas en esta web: Miren y me dicen que opinan.

Is not a drinking problem! or maybe it is?

Before I moved to USA I was a drinker. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have a drinking problem but I enjoyed to drink during the weekends with my friends a little more the one beer per night, in fact lots of times the drinking was over have of bottle of Aguartiente ( popular anis drink in Colombia) per person, so yes I really used to enjoy drinking.

Now what brings me to this post, is my believe of actually being drinking more or maybe often now. I was used to a different amount, one or two beers in the middle of the week, and tons of Aguardiente during the weekend, but now I find myself on a Tusday night in front of the computer with a glass of wine in my hands and almost feeling like a desperate house wife.

A glass of wine, a beer or a bottle of aguardiente, there is any difference? well of course there is one, now I don't wake up with a hangover Sundays mornings, or even Wednesdays. If my mom read this she will think that her daughter may have a drinking problem....well I…