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The outdoor magic

I love my beautiful Colombia. I'm 100% proud of said: I'm Colombian and that Colombia it is a great country, with lots of faces, both good and bad. All the goods and bads make the country a special place, a place really enjoyable for live, love and play, so don't get me wrong with this but: Live in USA rocks!

Yes I said it: Life in USA Rocks! but not for any of the reasons that a lot of people have the "American Dream", in fact often I realize that live here it can be even harder than in Colombia, a "3rd wold country". I'm not saying the USA rocks because the malls, the clean streets, the feeling of safety, or the Calvin Klein outlets. I'm saying it rocks for how easy it is camping and scape to nature; how easy it is enjoy the outdoor magic!

I was a boys scout ( in Colombia it is unisex), so I can say the I knew what camping was, and thanks to my family, I was able to enjoy the countryside often, I even have a funny story about the last time …

Go Bilingual/ Ahora Bilingue

OK people, it is the time for me to tray to do this in English, to write and make more public my mistakes in this language, and keep trying to improve my grammar, I know, Spanish is more fun, but I need to try, and everybody is welcome to comment and correct me... I mean the idea is now make my blog an English exercise, and why not, approach what I have to say to only english readers. If not well I'm just killing to languages at the same time....

Tratare de hacer ahora mis post en Ingles y Español. Todos están invitados, como siempre a hacer sus comentarios y correcciones en ambos idiomas, aunque algunos se que piensan que mis horrores de ortografía son lo que le da un poco de carácter a las incoherencias que escribo... bueno pero no se preocupen queridos seguidores de la cosa en mi cabeza, mis incoherencias y horrores ortográficos serán ahora en dos idiomas, o mejoro en alguno de los dos, o arranco a machacar dos idiomas a la vez....