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This is Friendship

(Abajo Español)

"It is one of the severest test of friendship to tell your friend of his faults. If you are angry with a man, or hate him, it is not hard to go to him and stab him with words; but so to love a man that you cannot bear to see the stain of sin upon him, and speak painful truth through loving words--this is friendship. Our enemies usually teach us what we are, at the point of the sword" —
Henry Ward Beeche.

I woke up this mooring thinking of friends and mistakes. Mistakes that have cost me friendships.
I know, and I'm sure, I may have not always be there for my friends in the way they had needed me to be; indeed, some times I have opened my mouth when it was time to be in silence and listen. I'm harsh, imprudent and moody; likewise, not always notices my falls and usually feel that I'm right! However, I believe, I'm able to deal with my mistakes and humbly recognize when I have done wrong, trying to be a better person and, if possible, a bet…

Beauty Mark

I didn’t feel anything. His sharp knife cut my skin easily, and the adrenaline rushed through my body, helping me to avoid the pain. My brain was too busy to think. My whole body was in survival mode. On a Wednesday morning, of 2007, I gained a particular beauty mark.
That particular Wednesday started like any other day. I woke up and went to work. While I was working, I realized that some of the double size prints weren’t ready. We needed to pack them for the show, so I had to take care of that. Around 10 am I walked out of the office, and down the street thinking I would enjoy a little walk before taking a taxi that would take me to the printer place.
I noticed the young man passing by on the motorcycle as I stared to walk down the street. He didn’t look dangerous to me, so when I saw him a half street later pulling over and walking toward me, I may have thought that he was lost, but he wasn’t. “Give me your purse or I’ll cut you,” he said in a threatening tone.
He was showing me some…