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The hurt ego of a dyslexic

Warning: this post most likely will have more than one spelling and grammar mistake

The last 3 years living in US has brought many challenges and changes to my life (or is live?). I lived around 25 years with bad spelling without care. Family members, class mates, coworkers and acquaintances did make fun of me time to time, and the middle school spelling contests are still part of my nightmares. However, my bad spelling never stooped my academic and professional achievements nor affected my daily life, until 2009.

I moved to USA in 2009, before that I never felt the need to tell every single person that my spelling was poor even though my spoken English is pretty good. I didn't have to tell anyone that I am dyslexic, in fact some of my friends maybe don't even know that,  or that growing up I spent almost two afternoons per week on therapy for my dyslectic dysgraphia.  

When I was a kid in therapy I used to play many, many memory games. The therapist (who used to live close to my…