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Los Colores de la Montaña

(Español Abajo)
The Portland International Film Festival (Piff) is showing 2 Colombian movies: "Los Colores de la Montaña" and "El vuelco del cangrejo". I'm planing on seeing both, and well many more.

Last night I watched "Los colores de la Montaña" (The Colors of the Mountain). The story approach realities of my country without going to morbidity or sensationalism. It is beautiful, sad, touching and a honest. I loved it!

This is a link for the trailer, and if you have the chance to see it, you should

Link to piff:

El festival internacional de cine de Portland (Piff) tiene en carteleras 2 peliculas Colombianas: "Los Colores de la Montaña" y "El vuelco del cangrejo" Yo estoy planeando ir a ver las dos y otras mas.

Ayer vi "Los colores de la Montaña". La historia trata realidades del pais sin ir a la morbosidad o el sensacio…

102 years!

(Abajo en Español)
Last week my grandfather, on my dad's side, turned 102 years, a really long life. I'm happy of be a grandchild of a simple men with a good heart and great health!

My grandfather never has been a guy of lots of words and is a serene men. Always happy to share his time with someone and be around his family and friends. His is really popular, thanks to his old age and great health, and a even young look. He was for more than 80 years the barber of his neighborhood, the profession of which he retired after well into his 90's.

As a child it was common to visit my grandpa every Sunday after church. Usually one of my dad's sisters or his brother, were there too visiting with their families, so we were, usually, a big group of people. Boys and girls, grown ups and teenagers, all at their grandpa's house on Sunday was so normal for me growing up, just like eating ice cream on a warm day.

My cousins and I used to spend part, if not all, of our vacations at …