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"I just got back from Medellin!" and I'm still alive

A couple of days ago The New York Times published on its travel section an article about Medellin: "I just got back from Medellin!" By Henry Alford. Being born and raised in Medellin, I started to read this article full of curiosity and finished sad and let down.

Mr. Alford is  a comedian, writer  and journalist originally from Massachusetts, USA, with published articles not only in The New York Times but,  among others, Vanity Fair and The NewYorker. He has also authored some books. However his credentials, the Henry Alford article about Medellin is, in my opinion, old, uninspiring, and full of comments that shows all the prejudices that he and his companion have packed in their suitcase.

Mr. Alford's first thing to do on the list was the Escobar tour. He even shopped around  to see who could give him the best experience. I am guessing that the only thing that Mr. Alford knew about Medellin before his trip was that Medellin was once Escobar's hometown. That is p…