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I'm back in Portland, after visit my family and friends for almost 1 month in Medellin. I'm back to my reality and my life, and it's feel really good enjoy be back.

Before my trip to Medellin I was really anxious, thinking about how it will feel be around my friends and family again, if the time have change us, change me in a way the I will no feel comfortable around them, or maybe I will feel so comfortable the I will like to stay and don't came back to Portland, to my, not that new life now.

It is good to be back. I was missing my space and the bit of my life in Portland, and off curse I was missing my husband. I was good be back in Colombia too, see my friends, feel their energy, the familiarity of the jokes and the memories: It was also good see my dad, hug my mom, expend some time with them, . See Santy as a cooker and saw Harry Potter with Tin, our type if movie :).

But is good to be back to my routine, my house, my bike, and eve to the cold, and waiting for the…