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The outdoor magic

I love my beautiful Colombia. I'm 100% proud of said: I'm Colombian and that Colombia it is a great country, with lots of faces, both good and bad. All the goods and bads make the country a special place, a place really enjoyable for live, love and play, so don't get me wrong with this but: Live in USA rocks!

Yes I said it: Life in USA Rocks! but not for any of the reasons that a lot of people have the "American Dream", in fact often I realize that live here it can be even harder than in Colombia, a "3rd wold country". I'm not saying the USA rocks because the malls, the clean streets, the feeling of safety, or the Calvin Klein outlets. I'm saying it rocks for how easy it is camping and scape to nature; how easy it is enjoy the outdoor magic!

I was a boys scout ( in Colombia it is unisex), so I can say the I knew what camping was, and thanks to my family, I was able to enjoy the countryside often, I even have a funny story about the last time we went to camping, but that is it. Camping was, before USA, something so weird and far for any vacations plan after I turn 13 years old, I guess.

Since the last year, when I moved to USA, I camped more times that in the last decade, and I loved it. Be on the nature it is great, and what a cheep vacation!. Well and go to a hike, just for a couple of hours feels nice too.

In Colombia we have beautiful places but not so many camping or hike places; the private property and the violence has attacked my country for so many years making the idea of camping or hiking almost impossible and way to risky. Unfortunately, in Colombia camping or hike it is not something the you can enjoy easily or do as a family or friends vacations, at list not like her in USA and it is because of that USA rocks!


  1. trato y trato de mandar algo
    y esta joa no arranca

  2. Ah ya
    Julieth, sigo su blog. Me gusta mucho. Es pura actitud. Buena Energía.
    Siempre estaremos allí, leyendola

  3. Julieth, eres una divina


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