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The fall colors

In Autumn/fall the leaves change their color and fall one by one. The beauty of the nature is over the top. It is this, in my opinion, the most dramatic season, where you can see the end of an era and witness the begging of another. Fall is that time of change and it is impossible not to feel that something is also changing on your.

Now, we are not trees, so we can't see how our leaves are falling, but the our colors definitely change. The cold wind make us dress in warmer clothes, most of then are on darker and earthy colors. Now are wardrobe is full of browns (darks, khakis, camels, terracottas..), blacks, grays and some greens, in some ways kind looking like trees.

I have to say that I do love fall/winter fashion, but in lots of ways I loved to brake this color theory of pretend the we are trees and dress on those colors. I know it is not that we are pretending that we are trees literally, and the scale of colors is more relative to the reflection of light and I agree with the color theory, about how dark colors absorb more light compared to light colors and therefore they help us to keep our selfs warmer, but don't you love a bright yellow rain coat, or a cherry red scarves? something that bring back the joy and the color of life?

Theres is not another season on the year where the colors are more intense or crazy, so way just play grey, when you can play yellow? The trees do it, why not us?


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