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Ghost friends

When I was a single woman if after a couple of dates with a guy he stared to not call me, nor to appear on the weekends, we were over. No more dating, and not even care about that boy anymore. I'll take him out of the key chain! and eventually move on. I'll still talk with him time to time, but I'll no care. Now, What to do with a ghost friend? the type of friend that is never around, and when is around is because is "connivence" for him. That friend you feel you can not ask for anything, because you never know what to expect. That friend that just call you when is single again. Can you say then that those types of friends don't show interest on you?; therefore should you brake up with then and move on?

In general we have this idea of friends are unconditional, and we don't have to be around each other in order to be a good friend. It is also common to think that you have different types of friends; for example, some friends are your confidants, others are great for introduce you to people, some are great for partying or travel, and just a few are good for everything. Not all boys were husband material, nor all your friends are best friend material.

Now let's compare friendships with romantic relationships. In my perspective the most relative difference between friendships and romantic relationships is the intimacy. In general what I expect from a friend, any type of friend, it is similar to the things that I expect for my couple: availability, commitment, and that the effort for spend time together come from both sides. Is important to me notice that people want to know about me, want to be around me. I don't like to be the only one that is doing something for see you, talk to you, or know if you are still alive.

When a guy don't take you seriously, nor really care about you, you never now what to expect; as a result, you end it up in an on- and- off relationship without a tittle, rights or even an end. You can not count with that person support, or loyalty, also you can't depend on that person. With a ghost friend I feel the same. I can't count with that friend because is never there for me when I want, is just there when he wants. A on-and-off relationship type boy shows up when he feels like, a ghost friend too.

In oder to move on with your life is better leave some things and persons behind. Like whit boys, is important to take a ghost friend for what they are. Learn how to read them, and even become their ghost friend too. For a friendships, as well for love relationships, you need two people in the same page, if not it is better just keep looking. NEXT!


  1. Muy bueno, pero quiero creditos, "en lo sacaba del llavero" jajajaja.


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